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do you provide hospital sitters for all children?

Our hospital sitting services are available to children who have an active case with child protective services. Children may have recently been removed from their family homes, be children in foster care or who are in other out-of-home placements.

what do hospital sitters do?

Hospital sitters are with children on behalf of their legal guardians (usually child protective services or foster parents) to ensure that children under their supervision are cared for, comfortable, and have a companion during their hospital stay. They do not perform any medical duties and are not substitutes for the routine medical and personal attention that would normally be performed by nurses or nursing assistants. Although, they may help with personal care when appropriate.

how long can a sitter be with my child?

We can schedule sitters to meet your needs. Typically, we are requested to provide sitters 24/7 from the time a child enters the hospital until he/she leaves the hospital. However, there are times when our sitters are only needed at certain times and on certain days. We are able to accommodate most requests. 

what areas do you serve?

We currently serve the Texas Department of Family & Protective Services regions 3, 6, 7, and 8. That includes most hospitals in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio metro and surrounding areas. 

how do I request a sitter?

Sitters can be requested by completing our sitter request form or by emailing us directly at

How far in advance do i need before a sitter can start?

We aim to have a sitter arrive as soon as possible from your initial request. That time frame varies, but is typically within a 4 hour window.  However, it is best to send your request as soon as you know that a sitter may be needed for your child.

How are sitter services paid for?

Our program receives support from state child protective services to provide sitters for children in their care.

can i share your services with cps coworkers and colleagues?

We would love to spread the word about what we are doing for children in need. Feel free to share our website and contact information with others within your network who could use our help.

Do you provide relief for foster parents whose children are hospitalized?

Yes! Foster parents who have a hospitalized foster child can contact their case worker and ask him or her to request hospital sitting services. Oftentimes, we provide sitters for foster children when the foster parent cannot be with the child the entire time due to work or home responsibilities.

how can I or someone i know become a sitter?

We are always seeking reliable and responsible sitters who have a heart to serve and the emotional capacity to nurture the children in our care. Caregivers interested in becoming a hospital sitter can apply here.

how can we partner with you to bring sitter services to our area?

We are certain that we could be of help to child protective services and adult protective services across the states. We would love to contract to provide services to children in those areas as well. Please complete this form to let us know how we can help or email us directly at

how can we partner with you to help children in need?

Children can always use a reason to smile, especially those who are hospitalized due to injury, illness, or neglect. If you would like to help provide activities, clothing, personal care items, etc. to the children that we serve please complete this form or email us directly at