We are always seeking reliable and responsible sitters who have a heart to serve and the emotional capacity to nurture the children in our care. Caregivers interested in becoming a hospital sitter can apply below.

Become a Hospital Sitter

Hospital sitters are with children on behalf of their legal guardians (usually child protective services or foster parents) to ensure that children under their supervision are cared for, comfortable, and have a companion during their hospital stay. Sitters do not perform any medical duties and are not substitutes for the routine medical and personal attention that would normally be performed by nurses or nursing assistants. Although, sitters may help with personal care when appropriate.

Hospital Sitters must meet the following requirements:

  • Be caring, compassionate, and considerate. As well as responsible and reliable.
  • Be 21+ years of age (submit valid driver's license or state identification card).
  • Have 1+ year of experience providing care to children (submit resume).
  • Have graduated high school or completed GED requirements (submit degree or diploma).
  • Have been screened for tuberculosis (submit negative results). 
  • Complete online Trauma Informed Care training (submit certificate).
  • Pass a criminal background check (submit form 2971c & 2970c along with a copy of your social security card).
  • Complete a W-9 form.

Please submit all required documentation in PDF format to info@css-tx.org or send by fax to 888-320-7479. All information will remain confidential.